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BG On The Road – Roadside Assistance – FREE with every oil change

Complimentary Roadside Assistance Plus Tire Hazard

BG On The Road® roadside assistance is only available with the purchase of a BG fluid change service.

Services Provided:

Towing Assistance*
Jump Start Assistance
Tire Change Assistance
Lock-Out Service Assistance
Fuel and Fluid Delivery
Repair or Replacement of a Damaged Tire 
(cost of gas, other fluids or key replacement not included)
*towing available for accidents and vehicle disablements 

Roadside Assistance Details

Available for up to $100 US for 4 months. If your vehicle becomes inoperable in the U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada, it will be towed to the nearest qualified service center. You do not pay the service provider for the first $100 US of services listed above (per event, limited to two events).

Tire Hazard

If the tire is repairable, the maximum eligible reimbursement is $20.00. If the tire is not repairable, the maximum eligible reimbursement for replacement is $150.00.

Roadside services are performed by independent service providers, for whose actions BG Products, Inc., shall not be liable. Additional terms and conditions are set forth on the Service Card.